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Career & Experiences 

About Eva


Born in Paris, Eva has flourished since childhood in the world of classical dance and Flamenco before discovering Argentine Tango at the beginning of her law studies at La Sorbonne. On the eve of her 21st birthday, she decided to travel to the United States and then settle in Buenos Aires where she lived for more than 10 years.

There she studied Tango and Folklore for 4 years at the U.N.A (National University of Arts of Buenos Aires) from which she graduated while training in parallel with the Grand Maestros Argentinos throughout her years in Argentina.

Spotted by several companies whose auditions she brilliantly passed, she began her active life as an internationally renowned artist and dancer quite quickly. 

Thus she joined the U.N.A Tango Company directed by Leonardo Cuello then Ignacio Gonzales Cano and Nicolas Schell,  the Seleccionado Federal de Tango show of 2015, under the direction of great Tango “maestros” like Leonardo Cuello, Los Veliz, or Elina Roldán, the filming of UN TANGO MAS under the choreographic direction of Melina Brufman and Maria Nieves, EL CXUCE TANGO directed by Vanesa Villalba and Facundo Piñiero, the company of Mora Godoy or even Tango Lovers Company  with which she will leave on tour in the United States and Latin America. 

Outside of her tours, she integrates the largest Casa de Tango porteña such as El Querandi, el Café Tortoni and Tango Porteño on the 9 de Julio.

In 2019, she won first prize at the Baraderos Popular Music Festival in the “Stage Tango” category as well as 2nd place in the Intermilongas competition the same year. In particular, she will create her first show in co-direction with Ines Torres Cappiello "Gloria Café", a period composition, contemporary Tango dance with 8 dancers on stage. After several tours in Europe, USA and Israel, she now settles in Toulouse where she runs her group Tango and folklore classes. Also, she offers Pilates and Gyrotonic classes after having trained in Paris for the last 2 years.

Guide to Latin America

Also a great traveler, she worked as a tourist guide throughout Argentina and Chile. An experienced and passionate rider, in love with the "Gaucha" culture and Patagonia, she settled near El Cafafate for a few years, in the heart of the Patagonian Glacier National Park,  where she worked as a horseback guide in one of the most beautiful Estancias in the region. Following her numerous experiences, she decided to set up her own company with friends which combines tourism and Tango, (see Coach-in-tango & Dos Copadas Agency). A daring and atypical mix of a French woman, almost too Argentinian, in search of art and freedom. She adopted this country and its culture as a second identity.

Art & Tourism

She developed the concept COACH IN TANGO with friends

and LAS DOS COPADAS which offers total immersion in the world of Tango and Argentine folklore or just for more classic tourism for a French-speaking public who is visiting Buenos Aires and Argentina for the first time.

We offer Tango and Folklore classes in French, milonga accompaniments, Spanish classes, Spanish/French translations as well as tours of the city and its surroundings.

you can find us on:

Facebook: dos copadas buenos Aires

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